How to deal with being High Level?


It’s inevitable your High Level walk, talk, look and attitude will become REAL to those around you. It will cause some ANXIETY in others who don’t understand true High Level activity.


Whenever High Level Drag Queens are getting noticed, they ALWAYS REMEMBER that there will be those with BLIND JEALOUS RAGE.. This is common when being high level is in everything you do.

JUST KNOW they are taking notice of you in the only way they know how!!



Supercharge your natural abilities to take others NEGATIVE JEALOUS RAGE, and recognize they are just processing your High Level actions. If they’re open and lucky they’ll find themselves doing what you do, acting like you act, and wearing what you wear. The flattery you feel is deserved. WHY? Because you are an ACTION TAKER that is constantly taking your life to a High Level, which NOT EVERYONE in this world is cut out to do.


For superstars upgrading High Level looks and getting more attention to their YouTube, Facebook, and Instagrams etc. NOTHING Will turn more heads than the extremely realistic bounce of Pals Breast Forms. Even if you’re not looking for a Hott Date, you’ll still have to deal with them looking for you. Whatever you do, be Big, and be Proud. If you’re taking your life to a High Level, NEVER APOLOGIZE.


Pals "Real Jiggle" Breastplate

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