Pals "Real Jiggle" Breastplate

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$800 $1,200


The Pals "Real Jiggle" Breastplate

12 Reasons to Get Your Pals NOW!

-Pals Are Highly REALISTIC In LOOK & FEEL!

-Pals Are Highly CUSTOMIZABLE.

-Pals Are Extremely DURABLE.

-Pals Are PERFECT For EVERY Occasion!-(Even Pool/Ocean)

-Our Customer Service Seeks Superior SATISFACTION.

-Pals Are 100% Made in USA.

-Pals Are Shockingly AFFORDABLE.

-Pals Can Last OVER 10 YEARS.

-Pals Can Be Driven Over By A TRUCK!

-Pals Are 100% Life-Like Gel, NO BAG, NO SEAM!

-Pals Even Absorb Makeup To MATCH YOUR SKIN TONE!

-Pals Have A 5 YEAR WARRANTY on ALL Breast Forms

-Pals Have A 12 MONTH WARRANTY on ALL Breastplates!


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