A Next Generation of Drag Queen Breast Forms

Pals are the premier Drag Queen breast form brand.


 Whether you're interested in crossdressing costumes, or looking to pass with style and ease, Pals Breast Forms are here for you. You've likely tapped your fingers raw doing your research and discovered that Pals have been dominating the Drag and Crossdressing community for years.

 You may be shocked to know that if you've found a lifelike gel breast form that wasn't silicone, it's likely a Pals form. The Pals breast form brand is offered as private label to professional representatives around the globe to ensure as many stars like you get the cutting edge.

 Realistic breast forms are the key element to any crossdressing outfit. Pull off any piece of crossdressing apparel. It is going to be THE head turning component in every piece of crossdresser clothing. If you are sick of wasting money on the crossdressing clothes that don't make you the belle of the ball, then NOW is the time to make your closet pop.

 Are You Ready To Become Her? If so, Pals Breast Forms are here for you. Simply enter your desired cup size and current rib cage size into the Pals Sizing Calculator, and up your crossdressing game overnight. 




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