What is the Best Drag Queen Breastplate and Breast Forms?


 "This POWERFUL guide gives an inside look at selecting 

the best breastplate and breast forms for drag queens."


Best Breast Form TopicWhat is the best drag queen breastplate and Breast Forms? 

"The Pals “Real Jiggle” Breastplate is considered THE best Drag Queen breastplate. Immediately selling out at recent Drag Con Launch, shocking fans by introducing these several game changing features"


 Breast Forms Comparison Chart


When looking for the best breastplate for drag queens , it helps to know what to look for. Simply searching for the best breastplate or breast forms is like simply wanting the best body, it’s a go-nowhere pursuit. Instead the best body, breastplate, or breast forms are understood when recognizing their most essential factors.
It’s best to approach this question from 3 levels which IMMEDIATELY put this question into better perspective.





Life-like Skin Tone

Pals Breast Forms are 100% Life-Like Non Silicone Gel. Unlike the many standard silicone breast forms, Pals are no bagless, seamless, and have a life-like skin tone.



With such a wide assortment of breast forms available, anyone can find the characteristics necessary to create nearly every look imaginable. Varieties range from color matching, to Pals Ultralight series, Pals “Clear Edge” options, even user personalization such a the ability to absorb makeup.

Bounce & Jiggle

 There's NOTHING on the market that jiggles like the Pals brand. Pals Life-like Non Silicone Gel Breast forms are irresistible, just check out this game changing innovation.






Flesh-like Feel

The Flesh-like feel sets Pals way above anything else on the market. When compared in a one on one evaluation against the various alternatives whether foam, or standard silicone, Pals were named the clear choice by far. While Pals feel 


Lightweight Design

  When breast forms are small, lightweight designs may be unnecessary, while large breast forms have weight cut by nearly half. Just ask any woman with larger breasts if she wished her breasts could remain the same size, but were only half to carry. Some women are so put off by the back pain of heavy breasts, even becoming disenchanted, in extreme cases possibly vying for a reduction.
 The innovative lightweight design of The Pals Ultralight series gives a more comfortable wear, while providing an enhanced ability to “Go Bra-less”!
Wear Naturally
The look, feel, and natural bounce all serve to create advanced life-like effects. While silicone breast forms can have a wrinkly bag which detracts from the realistic look and feel, even the bounce in impacted. 
This is one of the many key aspects that cause so many to ask for “Pals Breast Forms” in particular. When users can feel the realism with each step, and when they can flaunt their physique in a way that gives total control and confidence... Pals become a secret which is very difficult to contain. 

 Trusted Brand
Obviously choosing a company with a track record in the industry is a smart way to get the real deal. SuperGel Int’l Inc., behind the brand Pals Breast Forms has over 25 years in the industry. It’s fun to see what all the fuss is about. The other key reason is because a trusted brand is going to give the most accurate assessment of the craft. 
Only when a product/service is of true importance, is a trusted brand necessary. There is little reason to deliberate to full background and dependency ratings of cocktail straws. However, when selecting realistic breastplates, breast forms or even hip pads, many Drag Queens get really excited and need the absolute best tools to make a splash and get seen.


Made in USA



Best Warranty

 A warranty is critical in choosing the right drag queen breastplate and breast form store. To ensure a solid, peace of mind warranty, choose a brand that has some community feedback, and preferably a history of producing high quality breast forms. The official Pals Breast Forms store, or Drag Queen Accessories site offers a warranty of up to 5 years.



How long do breast forms last
How long do breast forms last? The standard silicone breast forms last around 2 years. Pals are 100% Life-like Non Silicone Gel and are known to last 10-12 years.




Best Breast Form TopicWhat is the best size breast form for a drag queen?


"The best size breast form for a drag queen can be found instantly with the, Pals Breast Forms sizing calculator, and will depend upon only two factors Rib Cage size, and Desired Cup size."


Brand new drag queens will often wonder how to measure themselves need to know when selecting the need to know need to know to achieve a near perfect fit on a very first sizing attempt.
# 1

Best Breast Form TopicWhat are the best breast forms for drag queens? 

  When considering realism, quality, and value Pals Breast Forms are recognized as the best Drag Queen breast forms for New or High Level Drag Queens
When High Level Drag Queens want to see REAL effects, they choose REAL targets. The Pals Test Considers what’s important.
The Pals experience is measured in the outward changes of users lives. While the criteria above may indicate 
various factors by which the latest breastplate or breast form technology can be measured. What is truly important is that users feel their confident best, and are rockstars in their life.
  This buyers guide includes key insights based on over 25 Years of experience. Get the news straight from the top. Hear from CEO of SuperGel, inventors of the Pals Breast Forms brand. Their inventor-ship extends from developing the Flesh-light, all to way to, Slime from Mattel

The Pals Test


Best Breast Form TopicHow to make my own breastplate and Breast Forms? 

“DIY homemade breastplate or invest in reasonably priced pair of good breast forms”. Given the cost of materials to make a breastplate, many would rather get a great pair of forms, such as Pals Breast Forms."


Options to construct ones own breast forms range from old school tissue to bags of rice. While not recommended, there’s even been wildly impractical suggestions as jello, or play dough.



Best Breast Form TopicWhat are the best attachable breast forms with adhesive?

"When selecting the best adhesives for breast forms be sure to consider the weight of the forms. Breast forms may be offered with adhesive, yet adhesive may not be as effective for the larger breast forms available."
 Pals suggests that if deciding on their larger forms, 
such as a TRL4 =  Triangle Wide Size 4…..wearers are advised to choose  Pals Ultralight series if intending to go braless.


Best Breast Form TopicWhat does it feel like to wear a breastplate or breast forms?

The best answer may be “nothing at all”. The Pals Test has as their target that wearers should just feel natural, meaning, so comfortable that wearers simply forget they’re wearing breast forms.
Inside however, users could feel a new boost of self, the increased esteem BEAMING when expressing themselves in this new and attractive way. 
 Having the most realistic look and feel is critical, and when the factors that matter line up it can have a major impact on your look.

Best Breast Form TopicWhy do Drag Queens wear breastplates and breast forms?

"Pals Breast Forms have the most incredible stories to illuminate exactly why someone would see serious benefits to getting breast forms, or a breastplate."
Cases as vast as bartender who purchased Pals even reported receiving bigger tips. Results may vary, and there is no magic involved. You can see these cases where being liked, and being found attractive can make a difference in one’s career, and life.
Regardless of what it says about society to acknowledge the Pals Breast Forms cause that certain spark that may offer serious return, naturally depending upon one’s industry.
Best Breast Form Topic

Should I get a Drag Queen breastplate and breast forms?

You must ask why you want them. Is this a curiosity you’d like to explore? If so, it may be anything from a side interest to your new calling
Drag Queens are seeing serious popularity on various media channels and there may have never been a better time in history than right in this moment.

 This could be THE GOLDEN AGE of Drag, and it’s not too late for anyone to make a name for themselves in this plastic fantastic world


Best Breast Form Topic

Where do I find the Best breastplate and breast forms for Drag Queens?


"The Pals “Real Jiggle” Breastplate launched at Rupaul’s Drag Con. The Pals brand is always launching new stuff, and have a growing number of distributors which can often take a Pals request."



Further Note

  When choosing a breastplate on amazon or from another country, be sure the company is credible and warranty can be redeemed through your payment processor. Remembering to purchase within your country of origin when possible. 
Be wary of offers without a solid warranty. Cases where purchasing what looked like a realistic breastplate from amazon turned out very unrealistic, and was difficult to even wear. After failing to meet buyers expectations, the seller objected to the return, claiming the buyer left the rejected breastplate somewhat distorted.