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What does it mean to be an audacious Drag Queen?

Drag queens are not just an entertainment act, but a vital part of the LGBTQ+ community. Drag Queens have been seen as symbols of rebellion and nonconformity for decades, even before the Stonewall Riots in 1969.

They often defy gender norms by dressing up as women to perform on stage or at parties, which is just one boundary of entertainment they audaciously sought to transcend.

There is no shortage of drag queen fans in this fast growing culture, especially with shows like RuPaul's Drag Race becoming increasingly popular due to its incredible cast and groundbreaking content which showcases the most remarkable aspects one would never otherwise know of the LGBTQ+ community.


The Audacity to Challenge Norms

Drag queens have been known to play with gender norms for comedic effect or to make a political statement. Drag queens like RuPaul have made careers out of this art form, but they also serve the purpose of providing an outlet for those who may not be comfortable with their gender identity.

Drag queens are audacious because they're not afraid to show their true selves and break free from the constraints of society. 

Drag queens take on a persona that is not their own and embody it fully in order to powerfully transform themselves. They push the boundaries of what is deemed acceptable through both fashion choices and performance artistry.


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Drag Queens powerfully follow the beat of their own drum.

When a drag queen takes the stage, you can expect anything. They're powerful, they follow their own beat and they will not let anyone else dictate their performance. Drag queens are often misunderstood as being just people who dress up for fun, but in reality it's much more than that. Drag queens have a rich history of milestone that reveal them to be so special.


Audacious drag queens aren't limited by the opinions of others.

It can be all too easy to obsess about what other people will think of you.


The ultimate way to kill your originality to to measure yourself by the thoughts of average people. Drag Queens are bold and daring.

When considering choices life or goals, anything above average is seen as a threat to those seeking to fit in. The audacity to be queen evident in everything from attitude to choices in clothing, makeup, and hair style.

Drag Queen's have been known for pushing boundaries through performance art; often times these performances include shocking audiences with vulgarity and profanity - all while wearing heels!


Drag queens are confident in themselves. 

Drag queens are confident in themselves. They also have a lot of fans who admire them for their creativity and talent. Drag queens are not only artists, but they can make people laugh when they perform.

If you've ever been to a drag show, or watched RuPaul's Drag Race, then you know that not only do these individuals have confidence in themselves but they are confident enough for everyone. They're also admired by many people who admire their creativity and talent when it comes to performing live on stage. The best part about them is that they don't care what anyone thinks of them because at the end of the day it’s all just an act!


Audacious Drag Queens know who they are and what they want. 

"RuPaul's Drag Race," follows a group of drag queens as they compete for the ultimate crown in this reality competition. They're fierce, talented, and determined to be seen by all who watch. They're not afraid to laugh at themselves or their flaws - they're unapologetically themselves. What I love most about these people is that no two are alike; each queen has her own story to tell and style to bring as they step into the world of drag.

It left me wonder, what you would find if you were given the opportunity to explore your own queen-hood? Imagine expressing yourself fully without judgment or shame then the world of drag might be just what you need.

Drag queens live in total acceptance of themselves, their flaws and everything they bring with them which is something that we could all learn from. People need to understand how powerful self-acceptance really is.


Audacious drag queens don't take s*** from anyone.

Drag Queen Audacity

Drag queens are audacious because they have the confidence to express themselves in any way that they want, which gives them a keen awareness of their environment and the blocks in their way..

What do you get when you combine an artist, a dress, and an attitude? A drag queen. Drag queens are often the butt of jokes their own jokes before any made by hetero-normative society. They're also some of the most fierce performers in entertainment today.

Drag queens have the confidence to express themselves in any way that they want. They are fearless, and it's this audacious attitude which has given them so much success.

It can be hard for some people to feel confident about expressing their true selves, but drag queens show us all how powerful being ourselves is - even when we're not perfect or what society wants from us.

This article isn't just a celebration of these performers who've been able to find fame through adversity; it's also an encouragement for you to explore your own personal expression with whatever means available (even if those means seem silly at first).

What do you think would happen if more people took risks by exploring different aspects of their personality?


Drag Queens have the courage to be who they want to be. 

The first time I saw a drag queen, it was like seeing the best version of myself. It's difficult to find spaces for people like me so that we can be who we are and not have to apologize or explain ourselves. Drag queens provide this space with their performances and artistry. They give us an opportunity to live our lives as authentically as possible in a world where everything has been predetermined by society before we even had the chance.


Drag Queens are bold and fearless. 

Putting themselves out there by doing something they might not normally do, while being true to their identity. 

Kicking back with Merlot and catching up on Netflix while staying relaxed. 

Getting outside their comfort zone of eating what they like without dressing according to expectations, but still looking trendy. 

Telling someone who has wronged them how they feel about it regardless of the consequences. Even if it is not reciprocated, at least you have some image inside your mind about how things unfolded.