What kind of drag queen are you?

Drag queens are diverse.

There is no one way to do drag.

Drag queens are fearless and creative.


Some people might not understand, but that's okay because they're the minority.

It takes a lot of time and effort to be a drag queen, but it's worth it in the end.

You don't have to be born into privilege or money to become a powerful drag queen- anyone can do it! 


The best parts about being a drag queen? Doing what you love and feeling confident while doing so


In this post, we will talk about different types of drag queens, how they express themselves through their style, as well as some things that may be helpful for those who want to become a Drag Queen themselves or meet other Drag Queens online!


What Kind of Drag Queen Am I? Fierce.

You're a fierce queen who always has to be in charge 

Check-in with your emotions 

Drag queens are a powerful force in our culture. They have the power to make people laugh, cry, and think deeply about themselves. But there is one thing many drag queens struggle with: their emotions.


Figure out what you want 

I'm here for you, drag queen! You're a fierce queen who always has to be in charge. I know that can sometimes lead to feeling like everything is out of your control and there's nothing left to do but wait.

However, the truth is that when you don't take time to figure out what it is you really want from life, things probably won't work out how they should. But once you've got a plan in place (and lots of self-love), then anything is possible!


Use a journal to express yourself 

If you're a drag queen, I'm sure you have had many encounters with people who assume that they know how to do your makeup better than you. This is the type of person that might ask what color lipstick shade looks best on you or if they should use foundation because it's "much better for your skin." The thing about this is when someone says this to me, it feels like they are suggesting that I am not good enough at putting together my own look and need their help.

But there is one way in which these people can be useful: journaling!

A journal can be an excellent tool for making notes on makeup application techniques and trends. You will get more comfortable experimenting with different colors and textures until you find the perfect fit for you.


Drag queens, you are fierce and bold. You never stop being in charge of your life and those around you, but sometimes it's hard to remember where all the time has gone! That's why I'm here with a helpful suggestion: keep a journal.


Practice self-compassion and self-care 

Drag queens are fierce and they have to be in charge. This is why it's so important for them to practice self-care. Many drag queens put themselves through a lot of stress, whether it be the daily grind of work or putting on a show every night. It's not easy being in such high demand, but these tips will help you stay healthy while still giving your all to your craft!


Get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise regularly 

Drag queens are the most fierce people on earth. They need to be in charge, they need to sleep, they need to eat well and exercise. But do you know what else is important for them?


Let go of the need for control or perfectionism

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think about drag queens is fierce! What does it mean to be fierce? To me it means to have an amazing presence and command attention in any situation. It's about being unapologetically yourself and not caring what anyone thinks.

It might sound like a lot, but really it's just about letting go of the need for control or perfectionism. Being fierce doesn't have rules so don't worry if you don't fit into someone else's idea of who they are. As long as you're passionate and honest then people will notice your authenticity which is more important than anything else.


What Kind of Drag Queen Are You? Wild.

You like your drag to be as wild as possible, even if it means you might get into some trouble for it 

You're not afraid to get a little messy

Most people think that drag queens are flawless and untouchable. They're not. Drag Queens like to have fun, they drink a lot, and sometimes they get messy - just like the rest of us! This blog post is about what happens when you let your wild side out with these 5 tips on how to look good while getting dirty.


If you're going to do it, then do it with all of your heart 

Drag queens are a force to be reckoned with. They're not just your average, everyday people who like to put on makeup and play dress up - they have an entire persona that comes alive when they step out onto the stage. Drag queens know how to get down in any situation, no matter what happens.


They don't stop until the job is done or until their heart desires it to be so. 

But if we are going to do this drag queen thing, then let's do it right! Today I am going to give you some advice for all of those new drag queens coming into the scene: Let yourself go and truly become your character before stepping out onstage."4. Drag is about being who you are on the inside and letting that shine through


What Type of Drag Queen Am I? Fashion.

You're the kind of drag that's all about glitz and glam

Wear makeup that is in line with your drag persona a man or a woman. Your makeup should be well done, but not over-the course (i'm talking to you RuPaul). You want people looking at the clothes first and then noticing that it's actually just one person wearing them all; this will make for an interesting fashion show!


You're also about being as glamorous on stage as possible so don't forget: wear heels of any height if they are appropriate attire where ever there might even remotely need high shoes worn by men/women like weddings etc., carry around some extra pairs because these can easily get lost when changing outfits backstage during performances after dancing too hard onstage.


Put on a drag queen wig or hairpiece to make it look like you have long hair and a head full of curls.


Drag queens are people who dress in clothes that society typically associates with the opposite gender and often exaggerate certain physical features, such as breasts or buttocks to create an exaggerated female form known by many names like "drag queen," drag king" etc., to entertain others at bars/clubs, social media or viral videos.


Add some glittery accessories for extra sparkle

It's time to get ready for the big night out! We all know that drag queens are always in need of some extra sparkle. Though this doesn't mean they don't have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Drag queens often use makeup and accessories to enhance their look, but there are also a variety of clothing items which can be used as well. Dressing in drag is no easy feat, so we've put together 5 quick tips on how to find your perfect attire for tonight's show!


What Type of Drag Queen Are You?

Your drag queen style is more natural than most, but still just as fabulous

You have a natural drag that is just as fabulous as any other 

If you're a drag queen and always wondered what the most natural makeup style is, then this blog post is for you! There are many different ways to do your makeup as an artist but there's one thing that all queens know—natural doesn't mean boring. Make sure to keep it light and airy with some shimmer around the eyes.



You're the kind of drag that's all about being natural and fresh, just like a daisy in your hair. Your style is so good you don't need to wear makeup or do anything with it for an entire day! You can be yourself while still looking fabulous because there are no limits on what makes someone beautiful when they


As a Drag Queen, your drag is so good, you don't need to wear makeup or do your hair for the day 


We all know that drag queens put a ton of time and effort into their look, but for natural drag queens it's even more important. Whether you're at the club, on stage, or just out and about with some friends, you want to be able to show off what makes you uniquely beautiful without having to worry about makeup running down your face when the club gets too hot or sweat drips from your brow while performing on stage. 


Luckily for us all - there is a whole world of products designed specifically for natural drag ones such as yourself! Pals Breast Forms offer the most realistic and natural look available.


You can be yourself and still be fabulous

You can be yourself while still looking fabulous because there are no limits on what makes someone beautiful.


We’ve all heard of the drag queens that are so into their character, they can’t be taken out in public without wearing a face full of heavy makeup and a wig. But what about the girls who want to embrace their natural beauty?


Yes, before you say it - there is such thing as natural drag queens. The key is that these ladies don’t wear any makeup or wigs when they go out in public. And instead of spending hours every day getting ready for work and going out with friends at night like some people do, they spend more time on themselves by doing things like running errands or catching up on sleep because life isn't always glamorous! 

The best part about being a natural


Powerful Drag queens know what kind of drag queen they are.

There are many types of drag queens and knowing what type of drag queen you are can help you achieve success in your personal life and career. Know what kinds of drag queens there are and which one you relate to so that you can magnify the qualities and empower yourself.



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