The ONE SUPERPOWER That Gives High Level Drag Queens THE EDGE


  High Level Drag Queens study both PEOPLE and the WORLD in ways that very few people recognize. Even when watching other Drag Queens, or reading blogs, it’s not just for entertainment, they’re studying the movements and attitudes that ROCKET them to higher positions in life.


  When thinking like a High Level Drag Queen, the style is “contrarian”, meaning, they do not live and think as others do. An ability truly unique to High Level Drag Queens is that they can honestly absorb the information they receive. High Level Drag Queens see the world as if it were only a play, with the intentions of giving onlookers an EPIC SHOW.


  When we work with High Level Drag Queens, they always have an INTENSE desire to seek the tools and information that promise the greatest gains, LAUNCHING them miles ahead of everyone else. While not all intend to take advantage of their ability to convert their newfound attention into SERIOUS Financial Gain, and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Followers. What some want is to be Rockstars in their own life. They want to be OPEN with the world, as in FREE from personal concern, and passionately engaged in their life and craft.


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