Why High Level Drag Queens Are Modern Superheroes


*We want to give SERIOUS love to the many THOUSANDS of High Level Drag Queens who’ve enjoyed these messages, and the many who wrote POWERFULLY SEEKING The High Level Drag System.


There are HUNDREDS of Truths that Define High Level Drag. Being High Level is serious business.


3 Keys of The High Level Drag System

+ Ruthlessly Nonconformity

+ Nothing Moves Without Attention

+ Constant Output


High Level Drag Queens are NOT like everyone else… Just think. It’s IMPOSSIBLE for more than 50% of people to have above average intelligence. If you ask 100 people if THEY have above average intelligence, what will they say?.....uh... “Well Yes I Do”…. THIS IS THE SAME for those who seek to be different, ALMOST NOTHING IS MORE COMMON than a desire to be different.


High Level Drag Queens understand our world. They Know Uniqueness CANNOT be copied. They seek the Pals brand out because, "THE FUTURE Recognizes THE FUTURE."


We See Them, We Hear Them, and Pals Breast Forms ARE BOOSTING THEIR ATTENTION, and UPGRADING all who see the HIGH LEVEL shift.


Pals "Real Jiggle" Breastplate

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