High Level Drag Queen Farrah Moan, is NOT Just Larger Than Life


Everyone thinks High Level Drag is all about being OUTRAGEOUS.


A failure to recognize this distinction will leave you blind to the true POWER of the most influential names in drag, like Rupaul, James Charles, or Farrah Moan.


Imagine GOING ALL OUT.....for a cause that isn’t yours....That is NOT High Level Drag.

When High Level Drag Queens ask our team which Pals Breast Forms are best for Drag Queens? Or ask what size Pals Breast Forms or Pals Gel Hip Pads are best for a Drag Queen?.... They already know the effect they want to give. Meaning, if they want to GO BIG, they don’t just do it for attention. NOT EVEN CLOSE, it’s borderline normal to be outrageous.


Farrah Moan is a key example of tempering WILD with CLASSY. This trick plays like a secret, but nothing about it is hidden, only subtle.

Sure, even High Level Drag Queens need time to adjust when trying something NEW. Farrah Moan has faced serious opposition in her road to success. She is on a mission, when you're High Level in vision like Farrah, life's pressure will create a diamond.


Pals "Real Jiggle" Breastplate

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