Why Do Some Drag Queens Seem So Confident? Cash?

Pals "Real Jiggle" BreastPlate DragQueens

Some may be confused.. and think it MUST be their Fame & CA$H...

These peeps likely aren't half right AT BEST....Think about it. How did these superstars get that $$,$$$,$$$ to begin with? 

We've all seen those with poor confidence. It ruins their demeanor, their good humor, even diminishes their looks in the way they carry themselves. Drag Queens are NOT immune although the often appear Larger Than Life. Our Drag Queens are always taking their looks to a High Level because they KNOW something many simply don't....

"The World Will Tend To Accept The Authority We Assign Ourselves"

If you're waiting for ANYONE... including the Drag Community, to come along, and bring you into their ranks, you are SADLY MISTAKING. Many of the CONFIDENT Drag Queens who shop Pals Breast Forms are Action Takers and have made a decision to commit to their desires.. 


Drag Queen Confidence


Take notice at the definition of...Confidence

"the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust."

What does this mean when referring to oneself? This Clearly States....ACTIONS AND DESIRES MUST BE ALIGNED


When High Level Drag Queens make the decision to equip themselves with High Level Drag Queen accessories like, Pals Breast Forms, they IMMEDIATELY Know they've done something powerful for themselves. High Level Drag Queens get what they know they deserve, so the world keeps giving it to them.


PS. You Are A Superstar 

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